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Freie Mitarbeiter


  • Laurence copy

  • Laurence CASALI

    – Studium der Zahnmedizin an der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg/Breisgau (D)
    – 17 Jahre Tätigkeit in freier Praxis

    – Diplom des «Institut Européen de Sophrologie du Travail» (IEST) de Luxembourg
    – «Diplôme Universitaire en Techniques de Relaxation et Sophrologie» St. Etienne (F)
    – Diplomarbeit und Spezialgebiet : Sophrologie und Tinnitus

    Gruppenbetreuung  in Bezug auf Stressbewältigung und Tinnitus

    Leitung  der „Gesprächsgruppe Tinnitus“ am RBS

  • Danièle Beckius2

  • Danièle BECKIUS

    Mag. rer. nat. Danièle Beckius graduated in Psychology (Diploma) at the University of Vienna in March 2016 with specializations in clinical psychology, social psychology and psychological methodology.

    Before joining the University of Vienna in 2015, she gained experiences inter alia in the fields of psycho oncology, psycho gerontology, vocational reintegration as well as individual and group counselling. She follows further training regularly pinpointing her interest in relaxation techniques, anxiety disorders, mood disorders as well as eating disorders.

    Since returning to Luxembourg in 2016, she worked as a reviewer and lecturer for the RBS journal “Angewandte Forschung”. In addition to her freelance work for the RBS – Center fir Altersfroen, she starts an advanced 5-year training in behaviour therapy at the University of Trier in fall 2017.

Studentische Mitarbeiter 2018


  • Naida 1


  • Naida Zaimovic

    Naida graduated in Psychology (Bachelor of Science) at the University of Luxembourg and is now studying at the University of Trier (Master of Science in Psychology)

  • Lisa Gilbertz

  • Lisa Gilbertz

    is studying Psychology at a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Luxembourg. During her internship she is actively involved in the VR-hypnosis project.