Project ASRIF

The Assistive Social Robot Impact on seniors’ Functioning (ASRIF) project aims to investigate potential benefits of social robots on daily functioning of older adults. This project can be viewed as a continuity of the FEELSAFE project (UL Internal Research Project funding, 2016-2018) that aims to offer an overview of objective and subjective safety and what can improve them to promote a longer stay at home in ageing.

Based on the QT robot developed in Luxembourg (LuxAI S.A.), ASRIF’s pilot study will use questionnaires and short interaction tasks with the robot to test how older adults perceive social robots and which expectations they have regarding them.

Results of this pilot study will offer insights about how to develop useful and usable technological tools for helping older adults to stay in good conditions (e.g., performance of daily living activities, reduction of loneliness) as long as they want at home.

This project is made in collaboration with the Dr. Martine Hoffmann (RBS Center fir Altersfroen), Dr. Mathilde Lamotte ( and Dr. Aida Nazarikhorram and Dr. Pouyan Ziafati (LuxAI S.A).

Watch the video of the pilot study at the Cellule de Recherche