Sustainable Reference Framework evaluating quantified-self equipment and services for seniors (MAESTRO) is a research project aiming to improve health monitoring for seniors.

About the project

In the context of self-management and prevention of disease, the goal of MAESTRO is to provide clarification, orientation and advisory services to a variety of users, and motivate fieldwork players and manufacturing and product distributing companies to participate in enriching the collective knowledge which it represents. This will be done through several building stages, first defining preliminary evaluation tools and building upon an initial inventory of devices, connected or not, and then testing them in a Pilot phase, to end up with fieldwork findings and tiers-robust reinforcement of both the Reference framework and the assessment methodology, all this translated into a platform, the MAESTRO portal.

Expected Outcomes

The MAESTRO project aims at building-up, testing and disseminating in the broad European context, through an open platform, a dynamic Reference Framework (RF refers to a broad concept corresponding to the French term of « Référentiel ») concerning monitoring and self-monitoring devices, connected or not. The output will be a documented usage framework, with models, maps, supportive indications, metrics and modes of use for a variety of stakeholders, among whom, as a pivotal figure, we find the elderly, as well as tools for any user to post questions and demands and share information with any other user.

The role of the RBS-Cellule de recherche

Testing and evaluating the platform in a field-based pilot study in Luxembourg.

Visit the MAESTRO website for detailed information.